SINCE 2009


Since 2009 our only objective as DMC specialized in corporate events has been to provide our clients with the best solutions for their events in the Canary Islands.

That our clients live experiences in the Islands Canaries that could not experience as tourists. Surprising with a vision of the Canary Islands never seen before, WOW 4 Ever.

Operating exclusively in the Canary Islands allows us to use our local knowledge and international focus to adapt to the needs of each event.

We work so that the legacy of our events helps to create value and protect what we already have on our islands. Receiving and giving is the best service we can give the world.

Give us the opportunity to show you the true potential of our destination, our home.



More than ever we believe that the value of our society as individuals has a great impact on what we can do as a group, more in a sector like MICE, which has the potential to leave a great mark on the planet, it depends on us making it a positive one. For this reason we want to share with you our commitment per island against climate change:

1. Forget about single-use plastic. Let's use it as many times as possible, promoting the circular economy and always using environmentally friendly materials, as well as trying to reuse everything produced for the event.

2. ECO awareness in our purchases. Bet on products and food without chemicals, applying sustainability criteria in food services. "Zero Waste".

3. Eat more green and less red. Getting closer to habits that avoid over-farming can reduce the carbon footprint by up to 20%.

4. Energy is not wasted. We are committed to natural lighting and low consumption lighting. There are many ways to save energy and many of them start at home, "let's standby".

5. "Be water". Reduce our water footprint and implement measures to save water. Designing events where there is no waste of water. And of course, also at home. It couldn't be easier than loading your washing machine to the maximum and using eco-labeled cleaning products.

6. Nature at your event and at home. The decoration, the green roofs, gardens and / or orchards, no matter how small they are, convert CO2 into oxygen.

7. Recycle, the legacy of our children. Paper, cardboard, organic waste, everything has a place in a container so that they have no place as a problem in the lives of future generations.

8. We are living beings and we are not the only ones. Let's respect everyone and everything, it may be the best way to respect ourselves. Plan your actions, activities and events in nature so that they avoid damage to the ecosystems and resources of the environment, always leaving a positive legacy.

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