• 04th February 2020



    Before coming to the Canary Islands, you have to be clear about a fact that will mark your experience and that of your MICE groups: Our cuisine.

    From the kings of the local gastronomy such as the wrinkled potatoes with Mojo Picón, the Gofio or the Sancocho Canario to the highest avant-garde cuisine, with a total of six Michelin star restaurants, they will form a unique experience whose main identity will be the authentic and delicious flavours.

    Our gastronomy will be the perfect companion to your meetings, conferences and incentive trips, and in the meantime, we want you to enjoy it wherever you are sharing with you a unique recipe from the Canary Islands, the Mojo Picón, a traditional sauce which you can have with any dish, such as meat, fish or vegetables.

    Ingredients: 5 cloves of garlic, 2 chillies, a teaspoon of sweet paprika, half a teaspoon of cumin, 250 ml of soft-tasting olive oil, 50 ml of white vinegar and fat salt to taste.

    - Crush the peeled and chopped garlic with a mortar, the cumin if they are in grain, the peppers clean of pips and the salt, all mixed until they form a smooth and homogeneous mash.

    - Once we have the mash, we add the paprika and very slowly the extra virgin olive oil and the vinegar until a thick sauce is left.

    Bon Appetite!

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