• 21st August 2020



    INEVENTING as a participating company in the work groups of the Canarias Fortaleza project, managed by the Government of the Canary Islands, for the development of health security in the MICE sector, in the absence of the publication of the final report that regulates the action protocols, these are those that we currently have established:

    What do we do before our events?

    - Evaluation and assessment of Risks. Based on these, develop a Contingency Plan with a safety committee with action protocols in case someone with symptoms is detected.

    - Constantly update and re-plan the control scenarios according to the evolution of the pandemic until the situation finally returns to normal.

    - Audit that all the services in the value chain comply with the legislation to guarantee “covid safe” services, whether they are restaurants, tourist accommodation, catering services or food and transport.

    - Generate legal certainty for clients by negotiating with all providers of the value scale and with insurance companies flexible contractual conditions and special coverage that include aspects related to COVID-19.

    - Have travel insurance with special coverages that expressly cover COVID circumstances such as 100% coverage of cancellation costs, RC insurance, quarantine coverage at destination and medical coverage.

    What do we do during our events?

    Basic Principle 1: the social distance of 1.5 meters must always be respected and the use of masks when that distance cannot be assured or so indicated by the legal provisions.

    Basic Principle 2: A thorough documented cleaning and disinfection work must be carried out several times when it comes to frequently used surfaces: railings, handles, furniture, tables, counters, toilets, taps, etc.

    - We have at all times a sanitizing gel for hand washing, a disinfectant spray for materials and a non-contact thermometer.

    - Appoint a Risk Manager who supervises and controls that all the services used during the event comply with the protocols.

    - Manage, according to the Contingency Plan, any necessary action during the development of the event.

    - Post trip carry out health follow-ups on the return trip of all attendees.

    In the face of Covid-19, planning and organization before, during and after the event.

    We hope to see you soon! :)

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