• 18th December 2019



    A thousand years before the Spanish conquest of the islands, there were villages of African origin that formed the first settlements in the Canary Islands. Their legacy remains latent in our community, such as in the customs and traditions that where instilled in the new visitors between the years 1402 and 1496. Traditions such as folklore, Gomero whistling and the Shepherd's jump have become unique experiences in the world, and that we have integrated into our MICE events and Team Building activities.

    In addition to this heritage of customs, there are still reminiscences of the passage of these ancient aboriginal tribes and their ways of life on the islands that we can see and visit during our incentive trips. Examples of these impressive archaeological sites are easy to find all over the islands, where we will discover the astronomical, ceremonial and symbolic beliefs of the pre-Hispanic heritage life forms, as well as their methods of cereal storage and their rites and customs.

     Without a doubt, the Canary Islands make up a very special enclave in which to discover endless traces of ancient civilizations and enjoy unique experiences in which to meet the island ancestors. The ancient civilizations of Bimbaches, Benahoaritas, Gomeritas, Guanches, Canarios and Majos will be the ones that welcome us in our corporate events to this destination full of charm and mystery, the Aboriginal Kingdom of the Canary Islands.

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