Convención Matrix Lanzarote

Client: Matrix

Matrix Convention Lanzarote


During the convention of Matrix, the hair cosmetics company, Lanzarote was filled with fantasy colours, hairsprays, scissors, hairdryers and, of course, lots of fun.

To do this, we designed a program that was tailored to the needs of the participants and the company, organizing hair dye workshops and showrooms using the brand’s new products. All this work ended with the celebration of a big fashion show full of lights, music and impressive hairstyles adapted to the latest trends, around a spectacular audio-visual set up. Although not everything was business, as there was also time to stimulate the B2B bonds between the guests and the brand, thanks to gourmet dinners and parties in incredible venues such as private beaches or 18thcentury castles specifically decorated for the occasion.

In the conventions organized by our agency, work and emotions go hand in hand.

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