28th February 2023

The world's biggest shadow in the Canary Islands?

The world's biggest shadow in the Canary Islands?

The majestic Teide volcano on the island of Tenerife is known for being the highest point in Spain and the third largest volcano in the world, but its 3,718-meter height holds other fascinating curiosities that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet.

One of them is the projection of the gigantic shadow of Teide hanging over sunrise and sunset, which, thanks to its height and the fact that all its horizons are free, is the largest shadow in the world projected onto the sea.

This surreal shadow can stretch up to 150 km long and even cover other nearby islands.

In addition, this spectacle has an impressive optical effect, which is that Teide even though it does not have a pyramidal cone, with the sun at its lowest point, the shadow creates a perfect triangle shape.

If we talk about unique experiences for your next incentive trip or MICE event in the Canary Islands, perhaps witnessing this spectacular natural phenomenon during the evening in Tenerife could be one of them.